Why a voice in the wilderness?

The voice of one calling in the wilderness. We live in a wilderness today; a time of unequalled confusion, unparalleled pain, where we have abandoned the word of God, and sought the entertainment of man. We are under seige by a bombardment of images, sound, music, sermons, movies, text messages, media messages; organized noise. It is in this haze that the prophet speaks. He speaks to a people in pain, he cries out aloud, his voice echoing through the valley. In an age of information there has never been more confusion. We have no means to filter that which pervades our minds and our culture.  Too many of our churches have become bastions for the wealthy and purveyors of entertainment. Many of our leaders have plenty of charisma, but no character. There is no distinction. Church should not be where we go to be entertained, but where we ecounter a living God. Even our messages are sound bites, we feed our people cotton candy when they need veggies and we are surprised and complain of the  ‘sad’ state of the church. But the church is in good shape; the true church that is. Christ teaches us that the wheat and tare will grow together and be separated at harvest time. The Lord knows those who are his, but I fear many do not know that they are not.  For this reason Paul tells us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith.(2 Cor 13:5) We can only examine ourselves not by comparing ourselves with ourselves (2 Cor 10:12), but our mirror is the word. It is this voice, that calls out in our wilderness, in our uncertainty, in our doubt, in our helplessness to make room for the Lord. My prayer is that my life would echo that voice, and that all who happen to stumble upon this page would heed his words. For he is speaking. He is speaking…. He who has ears let him hear.. the voice…



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4 responses to “Why a voice in the wilderness?

  1. Karim, you painted the is perfect picture of the contemporary church. You are right that our lives are full of “stuff” and no real “substance”. I pray that through this blog God will challenge many people like me. Thanks, Rajiv Pathik.

  2. Nathan R.

    Wow. Excellent. So true. A little scary, but so true.

  3. Bobby

    Karim, you are so on point! For me, I am hunted and harrassed by thoughts of being alone, in stillness with GOD, and missing something, or failing to take care of, or giving account of something that really in the scheme of things means nothing. I miss HIM!

  4. Rita

    Karim that was good. Keep it up. It is right on time and it is the truth. As long as GOD has a mouthpiece not trying to please man he is smiling. I am smiling too.

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