Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

I have conflicted feelings about Valentine’s Day; and it sucks. You are not supposed to have conflicting feelings about “V day” when you are married because Valentine’s day is all about that four letter word……love. Its a day where you are mandated to say, or read, or buy something that says I love you. If you do not say, eat, chew, buy, wear, watch, something that says, ” I love you”, you are essentially what I would call a Valentine’s Day Grinch. You are right up there on the world’s most infamous villains list, right next to those who delight in telling kids Santa doesn’t exist; not because he’s imaginary, but because he died in a car accident. Poor Rudolph didn’t take off in time..while the big rig was going 60 in a residential area . and the rest is as you say history. So akin to those who spread the song, ding dong Santa’s dead, are those who say, you know Valentine’s day is a corporate holiday.They are are simply Valentine’s day grinches.

You know its bad when your kid, has to take a note to school saying, Due to the corporate nature of Valentine’s day, Billy will not be able to enjoy the sweetheart candies, nor cupcakes, nor valentines day notes, nor the sweet little smile of little Sarah who likes Billy. Imagine Sarah bringing billy a note, saying Will you be my valentine, and Billy says, didn’t you get the memo, I don’t do valentines day, its a corporate holiday. Though that would officially put Billy on G status, it would just be wrong. I wonder how many girls go through life heart broken because of little Billie’s memo. I’m sure its probably less than 1 percent. But you know what’s funny, there are plenty of guys and girls, who feel slighted, and lonely because they didn’t get a valentine’s day card from a Billy, or Sarah; and there in lies the dig.

You see my biggest problem with Valentine’s Day, beyond the corporate nature of the holiday, is that it promotes an artificial view of love. Love according to valentine is restricted to something you buy. Think about it; I was walking down the street and in the Macy’s window their marketing valentine’s day colored suit, complete with matching pink and white trousers, shirt, bow tie and suspenders. Immediately, I thought anyone who buys that outfit has either very bad fashion sense, or is a sucker. Even the Denny’s near USC is decorated with hearts, that say I love you, as if all the hearts on the outside window, are going to make me say, hey babie it’s Valentine’s day; lets eat at Denny’s.That is what I call a Valentine’s Day Fail. Not because I don’t like Denny’s because there’s nothing that can ever top a Rootie Tootie Fresh n Fruity meal; I mean the name say’s it all. It’s because the stereo typical Valentine’s Day meal must be accompanied by dim lights, candles, a waiter with a french accent and a thin mustache, and a meal that goes at least $2000, with a bottle of crystal, topped off with a heart shaped chocolate dessert that has the words, I love you written with bloody icing pumped fresh from your beating heart. Baby I got so much love for you, that I had the icing pumped straight from my heart. That’s why the letters are so big.

Now back to my little rant, well I guess it’s medium sized now.

Love is not something that can be bought, but there are many guys who are going to get in the jeans of some girl today, simply because they bought her a doll, some flowers, chocolate, and some jewelry, and said I love you. Then there are some individuals who will have multiple valentines’, because they got it like that, which means there are plenty of unknowing schmucks who have their love unrequited.

Love is not just some word that we can toss around, and should not be limited to someone buying something. I love the picture that Paul paints of love in Romans 5 (Msg)

But God put his love on the line for us by offering his Son in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatever to him.

Man you can’t top that. When we were in love with the world, when we rejected God, being abused, and beaten by our distant lover, God came. He gave his life for us, purchased us from our abusive pimp, he washed us, clothed us, bandaged our cuts, bruises and pains, and sent us his chauffeur to take us to his mansion in the heavens. This love is so much deeper, it’s one that doesn’t seek anything in return, it’s a love that sees a good that doesn’t exist, see’s a beauty where no one else see’s beauty. It’s a love that says I love you, even after you turned your back. God’s love is unrelenting. It is simply beautiful.

Now to my wife, I want to say I love you. I love you and am able to love you because of God’s love for me, and God’s love for you. You are precious, beautiful, my queen, and my moon. Your price is beyond rubies, your value beyond diamonds, You are the mother to our child, and for this I will always be grateful.

So back to my readers at large.

There is nothing wrong with buying gifts, treating your special one to a nice romantic dinner, singing to her, and saying, writing, I love you a hundred times. In fact it should be encouraged.Your girlfriend or wife deserves it, and not just on Valentine’s day.I just want you to know that Love is so much deeper than that.

Ladies if your husband, or boyfriend doesn’t woo you like you would like, continue to pray for him, but make sure that you don’t evaluate his worth simply on how much stuff he buys you or gives you. Sometimes he can’t afford to do all that, I know some women understand, but there are some who don’t.

Guys if your wallet is hurting, be creative, communicate with your lips, tell her how beautiful she is, and how much you care for her. Don’t do this because you want something in return, but because she is deserving of the praise. She was made in God’s image.

To my single sisters and brothers, your life is not measured by having a boyfriend or girlfriend, remember you have someone who gave the world for you, who loves you more than your tiny brains can comprehend. You are never alone with Christ.

Last of all, I want to give a shot out to all the valentine’s day suckers that will be given out at elementary schools. I will always remember you. You provided my tongue with plenty of sweet Valentine’s day joy, because Valentine’s day was made for suckers, and I happen to be one. I love you babe. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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3 responses to “Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

  1. Bobby

    Karim! Karim! Wow! I remember those valentine days in elementary school — it was filled with excitement, anticipation, nervous energy, and I might add stress. DidNT” know if i WOULD GET THE CARD THAT I WANTED FROM THAT GIRL–forget about the stupid sucker and chalky hearts candy hearts or —would I be exposed without getting that approving nod or smile! Doggone it!!!! Yeah with the LORD there is no stress, just a sense of appreciation, joy and acceptance. Is all good!

  2. Nyasha

    “When we were in love with the world, when we rejected God, being abused, and beaten by our distant lover, God came. He gave his life for us, purchased us from our abusive pimp, he washed us, clothed us, bandaged our cuts, bruises and pains, and sent us his chauffeur to take us to his mansion in the heavens.”
    Woooooooow! Who loves like that?!?!
    Good stuff Karim!

  3. Karla

    Glad we do 364 days of Love and serving! Good entry babe.

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