Marriage after Death: Can we be married forever?

Can we be married forever?  This is a good question, a funny one, because in the west low estimates show that about 40% of marriages end in divorce, and the average length of those marriages is seven years. So the remaining 60% or so of couples must remain married right? The bigger question, sometimes the more romantic question is if marriages remain after death. I mean when you are in love, you can sweep your lady off her feet by telling her, “Baby if we ain’t married in heaven, I don’t want to be there. That’s how much I love you. “Of course you will end up with one hell of a marriage, Cue the drum roll, ” sh dun, dun”.

Is marriage possible in the after life? If so will our wedding  rings be upgraded along with our bodies, to where 1 carrot diamonds are automatically upgraded to 100 carots. I mean if the streets of heaven are paved with gold, at least the wedding band has to be platinum, I mean when the streets are better quality than the wedding ring, you’ve fallen on hard times. I mean c’mon.

Well so what about people that go to hell? I assume if there were marriages after death and the wife was the good one who cooked for faithfully served her husband, loved him with all her heart, only to die of a heart attack after he cheated on her and left her. She then  goes to heaven, while her husband burns his cheating butt in hell. In heaven is she free to remarry  the tall dark and handsome man of her dreams? Because after all what better place to find the man of your dreams than in heaven. So her new husband that she now finds in heaven, if she can have one must literally be to die for. I apologize for all the bad jokes, but we can see that there could be a couple of complications when we think about marrying in the afterlife, or pretty much heaven, because in hell you have no options; you are stuck with the husband or wife from hell. Imagine being nagged, everyday …..forever! That’s enough to make any man get saved. Okay that was the last bad joke.

So what does the Bible say about marriage in the afterlife? I have two scriptures to show you. The first is from God himself, he is responding to a religious sect called the Saducees who don’t believe in an after life. In fact one the reasons that they refused to believe in an afterlife is because they found it hard to figure out how things like marriages would work in heaven. So they propose this riddle to Jesus and ask him about a woman who’s been married seven times, and all of her husbands have died. The question is whose wife will she be in heaven? This is what Jesus says,

Jesus answered and said to them, “The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage. 35 But those who are counted worthy to attain that age, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage; 36 nor can they die anymore, for they are equal to the angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.(Luke 20:34-36)

So from the mouth of Jesus, there are no marriages being performed in heaven. I can see some people say, well that means there are no new marriages, but what about old marriages, people who were already married? One,  I would say that the phrase equal to the angels, rules that out.  How so? The Bible says those who are resurrected will receive glorified bodies. If these bodies are similar to those of angels then those bodies appear to be without gender; they have the ability to manipulate forms here on earth but they do not appear to made for the function of procreation at least in heaven.  Though there are passages that some scholars think hint to angels being intimate with humans ,there are no accounts of angels being intimate with each other. What are you telling me that there’s no sex in heaven? Yeah buddy there’s a strong possibility that there is none. But I am getting off track. Let’s focus again on the topic of marriages. So if there are no new marriages in heaven what happens to the old ones?

It is here that I have to interview my brother Paul. Paul is making a case how we are now dead to the law, so that we can be alive and married to Christ and he uses the metaphor of a marriage.

-3 You shouldn’t have any trouble understanding this, friends, for you know all the ins and outs of the law—how it works and how its power touches only the living. For instance, a wife is legally tied to her husband while he lives, but if he dies, she’s free. If she lives with another man while her husband is living, she’s obviously an adulteress. But if he dies, she is quite free to marry another man in good conscience, with no one’s disapproval.

The key concept to understand this passage is that the law only applies to those who are alive. You cannot charge a dead man with jaywalking, or stealing. He is dead. So how does that apply to marriages. First it is the law that legitimizes your marriage. This is why you can’t just cohabitate and say we are married in our hearts. No it is the law, the certificate that authorizes and validates your marriage. It makes it authentic. Without the law there is now marriage.  So when one person dies, the law that binds the marriage is no longer in effect. So this is why Paul says a woman whose husband dies, is able to remarry without any concern of worry of committing adultery. Why? Because her marriage has been made void by the death of her husband. This implies that death is the end of our marriage; that marriages do not make it to heaven.They are not legal, not valid. I’ll use a contemporary example. One of the reasons that same-sex marriage advocates must eventually press for a national amendment is because states that legalize marriage in one state, can find that their marriage license is not recognized in another state. In the same way, our marriages don’t appear to be recognized in heaven.

Scripture does speak of one wedding however, and one marriage in scripture and it is the marriage of Christ with his bride.

my brethren, you also have become dead to the law through the body of Christ, that you may be married to another—to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God. ( Romans 7:4)

For your Maker is your husband,
      The LORD of hosts is His name;
      And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel;
      He is called the God of the whole earth.
       6 For the LORD has called you
      Like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit,
      Like a youthful wife when you were refused,”
      Says your God.
       7 “ For a mere moment I have forsaken you,
      But with great mercies I will gather you.
       8 With a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment;
      But with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you,”
      Says the LORD, your Redeemer.(Isaiah 54:5-8)

and of course the famous

25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her, 26 that He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word, 27 that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish. (Ephesians 5:25-27)

I love this. Were you reading these scriptures? God chose to marry us; a broken down harlot. A rejected and beat down woman, whom the world spit out, and mocked,God sees, he loves, cleans up and marries. You see the reason that the movie Pretty Woman, The Wedding Singer, and any other love story appeals to women is because innately God put a desire for love.  People get excited over the royal wedding, that cannot hold a flame to the epic wedding of the King of Kings.

Don’t you see that the glories of this life; in its feasts, its weddings; its love; its emotions are just precursors, types shadows of that which is to come. The real thing is so much more; they can’t touch the real thing.  So don’t sacrifice the real thing for the shadow. If your single and wanting to get married be patient, don’t sell out to any punk, or skank. I know that is hard language but someone needs to hear it; you are far more valuable than a late night stand. Here’s the kicker, and I know some people don’t want to hear it but I’ll say it anyway, even if you never get married in this life, what is coming is so much better. Do not lose faith. I repeat do not give up on God.

So what are the major implications of all of this. I want to highlight two things. As mentioned in a prior post, The priesthood in Marriage, our marriages here are a foreshadowing of the event that is to come when we are joined together with Christ our God forever. This is why God hates divorce, because it misrepresents and distorts the truth that is implicit in marriage.

The last thing has to do with the nature of heaven, of the kingdom, of the afterlife. You see there are many who will trip out on not being married in heaven, or possible not having sex in heaven, but the focus of heaven, of the kingdom of God, of the afterlife is Christ. The main reward or pleasure in heaven is God. We get to see him! We get to touch him! Talk to him and experience him in a way that man has never done before! This is why some people wont go heaven, and don’t want to go to heaven; because they do not want God. I want him, I miss him, and am longing to see him, just as a bride is longing to see her groom. You see every bride wears a veil. Today we wear a veil, but one day it will be taken away and we will see God as he is. Oh what a beautiful day that will be! What a party we will have, for all those who long for his coming! If you do not long to see Christ, you might not be his, and I will pray for you, but to all those who do let us echo the last words of the holy book.

Maranatha, Lord Come. The Spirit and the Bride say Come. Come soon Lord Jesus, Come soon!



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22 responses to “Marriage after Death: Can we be married forever?

  1. Marvin Boyce

    Deep and humouros! Point taken!

  2. Jason Cruze

    Hey Karim, thanks for posting this, it made me think about it more. Here’s a question I had after reading it: it is proper and godly to view marriage between a woman and a man (especially a Christian marriage) with intrinsic value. That is, there are values in the covenant of marriage that are essential. Without them, marriage deconstructs. So, if we have good reason as Christians to believe in this significance of marriage-the significance of a specific two people being in love and learning what it means to be in a monogamous union together with god, what happens to that value? The specific value that YOU view your wife with, that NO other man does. If that value and significance is null and void because of death, what ultimate purpose could it serve? Of course, it would serve to deepen your relationship with god and help you fall more in love with Jesus. But there is still a distinct significance that you have with this person: your wife, which it seems is undermined if it is completely erased after death. I assume that you might not think that it’s “completely” erased. But if it isn’t, what do you think will happen to that distinct mutual value that you and your wife have together? What specifically is it about the afterlife that makes THAT null and void? It seems that the scriptures you cited might be compatible with thinking that there still remains SOME significantly distinct and mutual value that you have with your wife alone. Otherwise, is not the distinct value you both have for each other undermined?

    • If I am understanding your question right, it seems that you are wondering what emotions, feelings, connection will carry over from your marriage to the afterlife. I think in order to answer that we have to know in general how will any our relationships, memories and such carry over. I think out of all these things, that which is most important will be memory; because it houses all the feelings, emotions, and past connections with our partner. I suppose you can assume there is a connection that is beyond memory, but it seems as there will be some carry over in the sense that we will be able to recognize friends, family, and our wives, but the nature of those relationships will be changed. I think if we understand our own marriages as a type of shadow as the law is a shadow that leads us to Christ we will see that though there is a definite intrinsic value now, the true value lies in that which is to come. Even now as we are in Christ we see that the law has value, but our perception of it is completely changed now that we are in Christ.

      • Jason Cruze

        Okay, I understand your point. You say:
        “I think if we understand our own marriages as a type of shadow as the law is a shadow that leads us to Christ we will see tat though there is a definite intrinsic value now, the true value lies in that which is to come.”
        If you agree that there is an “intrinsic value now” I wonder how that would alter from that which is to come? I agree that it will alter, and that our perception will change, but would it change so drastically that it would void the definite intrinsic value of marriage? But why think it would? Surely not *all* intrinsic values that we have now will be voided. Why the intrinsic and distinct monogamous value that we have with our spouse?

  3. Christ do not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Perhaps our earthly marriages will follow in suit… Total self gift to each oth wrapped up in union with God and the communion of the saints will play out in ways beyond our understanding. We will not lose our particular uniqueness or those of our earthly relationships, especially if they have been true to sacrament. I know there is more foulness to the rote explanation of the standard… All of a sudden after death your marriage dissolve. That just doesn’t flow with the foulness of God’s goodness.

    • Christ did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it….total gift of self and to each other…I know there is more fullness to the past , commonly held rote explanations…That just doesn’t follow the fullness that flows from God’s goodness.

      Sorry- please accept these corrections to the above comments!

      • Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. I think rather than thinking about marriages dissolving, I would say they are completed in Christ. Ephesians 5 places the emphasis of marriage on the picture of Christ and his Bride, so our marriages are signs that point to the bigger thing; the marriage of the lamb. When the bigger thing comes, the old is done way away with.

    • Thank you Christian for your comment.
      I read the link you posted and disagree with the conclusion of the author.

      First I think it is better and more polite to disagree than say I took the verses out of context. I understand that you probably got that from the article you posted, but I would suggest you think through the other arguments I make in the blog before you choose one that you don’t agree with and write off the other arguments. In regard to the article you posted:

      First off the author errors on this statement here:
      The question focused on a woman who had married seven times for apparently worldly reasons, with no evidence of having formed a spiritual bond with any of her husbands. The Sadducees were not talking about a true marriage, but merely about a legal ritual–an outward coupling without the inner meaning.

      This is simply not true. One of the reasons the Sadducees didn’t believe in marriage in heaven is because of the complications that would happen in such a case. If you aren’t familiar, Moses set a law that if a man dies, a brother would have the opportunity to marry his sister-in law. This principle is found in Ruth known as the kinsman redeemer. There are other cultures that have similar customs, known as levirate marriage in order to preserve the family line. This wasn’t simply an empty legal ritual, but an actual command given by Moses. In the example they pose to Jesus, they take an extreme example to show why marriage would not be feasible in the after life.

      Again if we are looking at in context, the Sadducees are looking to trap Jesus in thinking that there is no afterlife, because after all how would things like marriage work. Look again at the question, whose wife is she? This has nothing to do with weddings, or empty marriage as the author writes.

      Jesus’ response is meant as a rebuttal to that answer, but also to point to their ignorance of scriptures that there is in fact an afterlife.

      Now for argument’s sake lets say Jesus was limiting his context to weddings and not marriages. What does the phrase they will be like angels mean? I think it is talking about bodies being a-sexual. Angels do not have one sex, but take on different forms. What is implied is that heaven is another level from earth, so simple comparisons won’t just work.

      In regards to the rest of the article I think the author would change his conclusion if he understood types and symbols. Marriage is a type, it is not equal to but a shadow of something greater. In the old testament they had sacrifices, but Jesus is a greater sacrifice. In the O.T there was the sabbath, but Jesus is the greatest sabbath. The old is done in away with in light of the new. The old Temple was also good, but will be replaced by us in God’s future kingdom. The old earth was good at one time, but also will be replaced by something better.

      Here is an interesting thought, that perhaps I will comment on in another blog. One of the main goals of marriage was to provide a context for populating the earth. Now I’m going to conclude that heaven’s population will stay steady meaning that no one will die in heaven, nor be born. So if there is no need to procreate, why would we need sexual organs? We have to rethink how we understand the glorified bodies, not everything will be the same, but the differences will be much better.

      Thanks again for your comment. I understand that there is not much information on this, but I think there is more evidence that points to our marriages being obsolete in Heaven, though our connections with our spouses will probably continue in some form.

      • Christian

        The reason why I have to disagree with you is on the basis that you claim marriage is just for (or mostly for) reproduction. Before Adam had sinned (therefore before death and the need to procreate) God saw that it was not good for man to be alone and thus created Eve. If God wanted a race of one gender or of no gender he could have simply created more people of the same gender as Adam to populate the earth and keep Adam company, instead he created the female gender and saw that it was good. If it was good before death and sin, it would stand to reason that it would be good after death and sin.

        Because the Sadducees had little faith and understanding in the scriptures, it is likely that they saw marriage in earthly terms, as just a law contract (for resources and reproduction) that lasted until one of the people bound by the contract dies and the other is freed from that contract. They failed to see Gods true intentions for the male/female relationship and so what they saw as “marriage” does not carry over into heaven and does not happen in heaven.

        When God says we will be like angels I believe he is referring to being immortal, free from sin, death, and worldly desires (including worldly marriages). If, we where to be genderless too we would not really be human as God created us, the human race to be male and female.

  4. Christian

    To add to my reply, (as I forgot to say this). But, we would still need sex organs to become one flesh with the with the “wife or husband” even if there is no reproduction and the nature of the relationship has been changed from what we understand it to be now on earth. Also, simply because there is no “need” to reproduce does not mean that you can’t or won’t. Although, right now one of the major functions of sex is reproduction, most people will agree they don’t sleep with their husband or wife solely for reproduction.

    Also, thanks for replying to my first comment.

    • Thanks Christian, but I would disagree with you that the basis of my argument about marriage is regarding sexual organs.

      I’ll rehash a few. How do you deal with a believing wife and an unbelieving husband? Can they still be married if one is in heaven and the other in hell?

      What is the binding force of marriage? The binding force of marriage is the law, and as Paul states in Romans, when we die one is freed from the marriage contract, which echoes the Sadducees concern regarding marriage.

      The third argument is the typological argument. On earth we have types, in heaven we have the real thing. Again I mentioned a few things that were originally good but have been replaced by the real things in Christ, such as the old earth, the sabbath, the old temple. These all have their counterparts.

      Lastly I agree with the link you posted, because its interpretation of scripture seems off base. Again if we are regarding context, it seems more plausible to assume that when Jesus says there will be no wedding in heaven that we will be like angels, its better to assume that there is something particular to angels maybe their makeup that keeps them from marrying, and or that marriage is not necessary.

      If angels do not marry, doesn’t it conclude that humans will not marry.

      The sexual organ thing does have a part to that, but my last point is that the new creation will be different and far better than this one that we live. If my new glorified body does not have a heart, I can’t say but God promised that he would write his law on my heart, I need one. Again we have to look at the deeper meaning.

      So to end my reply, as believers we have to remember we are primarily spirits who live in a body. The body that was functional for this earth will not be suitable for the recreated earth. God will change the properties for our body so we can live in the environment of the new earth. We are not simply our sex organs. So if we don’t have them or don’t use them that doesn’t fundamentally change us especially if God gives us new bodies to where those things are irrelevant. The most important thing to consider is that our personality along with some of our memories will carry over and these are the things that make us who we are.

      I may be wrong regarding the sex thing, its a tertiary issue at best, but I think we short change God’s creativity when we think everything in heaven will be exactly like it is now. We won’t know for sure, but I’m sure we will all be blown away and say we didn’t have a clue. This is an interesting discussion that involves some speculation on either side. Thanks for adding to it and to my blog.

      • Geoff

        It’s clear to see that Christian is concerned and unwilling to accept that marriage here was not meant to last. Sorry, Christian… But the women who marry men on earth have a better husband/father/friend/ man of their dreams. And it isn’t anyone in earth. Never has been. Never will be. Marriage on earth is only a small reflection of marriage to Christ in heaven. It is only meant to further purify your character so you might be more presentable to God later. Once that is done, the marriage is no longer required.

        Basically – the man of your wife’s dreams is not you. It’s God. You’re only keeping the seat warm until she gets to the man she TRULY wants to be with. And men, we are only serving our wives now so that we can also purify our character so that our own marriage with Christ in heaven is at its best.

        Conclusion: you should want God. Not a human. That’s why marriage is about covenant keeping, not staying in love. Marriage has everything to do with loving your partner. It has nothing to do with being “in love” with your partner.

        Do you really think that your late husband or wife cares if you’re married and in love with someone else while they are in heaven? They have God now. And he is way better for her/him than we could ever be.

        Sorry, guy. But marriage is for Gods glory. Not your romance story.

  5. Scott

    Ok so. God intended Adam and Eve to be one flesh husband and wife… he intended for them to live forever or not? Heaven? Or the resurrection? The Sadducees questioned Jesus about the resurrection. Yet after the resurrection Christ will have a thousand year rule? In which people will marry and build lives. You all look through the scope of a broken world. I think you should ask what was originally intended. When Adam and Eve were bound to each other there was no sin so there was no law. There was no need for it. The only rule was do not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So did God intend for Adam and Eve to live together as one flesh for eternity or not? And if he did who was the judge or state or country that ordained the joining of Adam and Eve? And put it down on a piece of paper? And do you believe in the age to come that we re a bunch of spirits floating around or that we will still have bodies? Do you know the measurements for new Jerusalem are in the Bible? It’s physical, when God remakes heaven and earth. Right? So what does the process of this broken world which you base your argument on have to do with how it will be in the age to come? Jesus also didn’t say we would be angels, we would be like them, at the resurrection. Did God not make us to have relationship with one another? And did he not intend for us to fill the earth and did he intend for sin and death? You need to change the focus on this argument and understand you cannot base how life was meant to be and how it will be by the sinful nature of this world. Take the filter off and reexamined husband and wife.

    • “Yet after the resurrection Christ will have a thousand year rule? In which people will marry and build lives. ”

      This is a good point, but one’s eschatology effects the understanding of that. In either case, once death is abolished, marriage in itself will change.

  6. Scott Weiker

    And also, a marriage to Christ would not of been needed if there were not sin and this great separation. And laws, all of these laws were set to deal with life on this fallen planet. How would God orchestrate people’s relationships in the new heaven and earth? I have no idea, there are a lot of things I don’t think we have the capability to figure out. But God created us a certain way, he then makes us something completely different? It’s as if a monkey evolves into a man. I do not believe God will change who he intended us to be. God can take a very complicated situation and make it right, he’s done amazing things with my family. Do the circumstances we face in a fallen world dictate what will be or does God dictate what will be? The marriage to Christ never would of happened if we did not fall to begin with.

  7. Scott weiker

    Were not Adam and Eve simply joined together, was there a marriage ceremony? Another entity stating their authority on man and wife? Was there a place to get a divorce there? And what are Gods intentions for us in the age to come? He’s doing away with it? He’s doing away with relationships? It doesn’t make sense or add up. And this type of theology degrades what your husband and wife was meant to be. We re not tools, we re humans that he loves made in his image. The arguments make it sinful to love your wife or kids or anyone for that matter. God made us with desires, and in totality by these arguments it is sinful to be what God had made us to be. And looking through the scope of brokenness and depravity I.e. adulteress relationships does not dictate how life will be in the age to come. It’s ok to not know all the answers that when thinking about all of the possible situations that can take place on earth. Did the Roman guard that arrested Jesus know how Jesus healed his ear? Or did it just happen. It defied all natural law to do so. To think our God does not have solutions for our problems is ridiculous. I love my family, and I have stood against thinngs that were wrong in my family because God does want us to be a certain way. My love for them does not supercede what is right. Which is a basis for many people to discredit you. I hear from so many people it’s wrong to want things, but they themselves want things and build a life. These arguments show that it is wrong to want marriage, or your wife or husband and kids and that they mean nothing essentially. That’s not God. And what about Abraham who so desperately wanted a son? Was he sinning for wanting a son? Or did he sin because he became so impatient he sinned just to get one. Who we were made to be does not change. And in these arguments the things that are good and right in this age do not carry over in any respect, but somehow a saved person does? The dynamics are mind blowing but I deal with A God that can handle it all. And I will love my wife and my children and see them again someday.

  8. Scott Weiker

    The law being a foreshadowing…. the law was set in place because we live in a sinful world, we become tempted. As a child being innocent these things had never crossed my mind, I understood that that God was God and my parents were my parents and that’s how it was. And as I got older I had to be reminded do not do this or that because i was tempted I sinned and had to repent. The law foreshadows in a way that it is a glimpse of what holy perfection will be. Perfection will not eliminate relationships or people. I’m sorry I come off so strong it’s something that has bothered me for a long time, it’s painful to think my parents, my brothers, my future wife and kids will not be that anymore.

  9. Scott Weiket

    The hyper focus of a lot of Christians one one aspect of life is alarming. One pastor may be hyper focused on grace another may be hyper focused on the law another may be focused on some other thing that again they do not even understand. God isnt just one thing, he is king of kings and Lord of lords. He is our provider our protected he is merciful and he is just. He is God yet his son The Christ lowered himself his name is Emmanuel, Jesus, or yahshua not sure how that is spelled. What law was there in the garden of Eden?? One rule, do not eat of this tree for you will sureley die. No marriage contract no law because there was no sin, there was no death. The only foreshadowing that can be derived is that all things will be made new and our lives as Gods people will be beyond comprehension, we will be what we were supposed to be not something we were never meant to be. And we will be in relationship with God as it should of been. The former things will not come to mind, yes yes absolutely. But God will still come to mind because we ll always be with him, our lives here will not come to mind because we ll be in paradise with him. Why then could we still know him or our loved ones who had also made it? Obviously we will not remember the evil, the foreshadowing here is simply like looking through a dark glass or blurry glass. And our bond with God and our saved loved ones continues.

  10. Scott Weiker

    Just as a bride longing to see her groom. Both are indicative of separation both are true. Why would a bride long to see her groom? In both senses. God gave us the law because of this separation from him. The law maintains the foreshadowing you speak of which is just a glimpse of what our lives will be like in the full reconciliation to him.the law which Christ had fulfilled and everything about our lives should be found in him. The former things will pass away but in him we will gain eternal life. At the resurrection we will be like the angels, things aren’t over at that moment, we will not be angels we will be like them… I think God takes marriage so serious and divorce so serious because of the eternal impact it does have.

    • Thanks again Scott for your comments. First off I’m happy to see your passion about this subject, and my condolences for any losses you may have suffered in your family. There is an element of mystery regarding many details in the afterlife, scripture does give clues to many. My position regarding marriage in this article is essentially drawn from the two passages in Luke and Romans. I think a faithful analysis of those two will lead to similar conclusion that marriage as we know it will not carry over in heaven. I am not saying that we will not see our loved ones, wives and children in heaven, for those that are saved we will. My point is that our relationships will be a little different. Again, I think for us to really answer this purpose we need to look at the purpose of marriage in the first place. Jesus states that in the new age to come there will be no new marriages. I wrote an article called The Priesthood in Marriage ( that touches on the function of marriage.

      I do not believe marriage was meant to be eternal, but it was meant to be the foundation for the family unit in order to fulfill God’s command to fill the earth. It was also meant to be an image of God’s connection with his people.

      In heaven we will no longer need marriage. It is no longer useful. We still will have our connections, but they will be different. I think one of the best ways I can explain this change in relationship dynamics is using the very example of marriage. In Genesis 2 it states

      24For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

      When a person gets married their is a shift in relationship dynamics between his parents. The parents who were once the center of the relationship now become secondary to the wife. The way that a person relates to his parents changes, as their is a new priority in relationship. In the same way when we go to heaven, their will be a new priority in our relationship. There is a new primary relationship. This does not mean that we won’t know or relate to our children, or our wife, but that the unit may possibly change. How? I can not say. I do believe however that the fact that Jesus states that there will be no new marriages in heaven states that their utility is diminished. That there will be a reordering of society, and the way that we interact and connect with each other. Again when you look at the versus in context, the interpretation that we will be like angels to simply mean we live forever, is lacking. Jesus is pointing to something else.

      So the biggest take away I can say is that we will see our loved ones; wives, children, sisters, brothers and relatives in heaven and that there will be some type of bond we have with them. We will know them, there will be joy at our reunion, and ecstacy for that what is to come. The way we relate to each other as child, wife, will be different however, to what extent I can not say. I can only say that that difference will not be for the worse but for the better.

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