Who Can Find a Good Woman?

Who can find a Good woman?

Single men throughout history have wrestled and sought for the answer to this question. One of the most popular Bible passages begins with the asking of this question. In fact it was king named Lemuel who describes the qualities of such a model woman.

As a married man I am so grateful that I know the answer to that question, the one person who can find a good woman is …..(drum roll) God, and I am so glad he showed me one.

When King Lemuel asks the question ” Who can find a virtuous woman” the Hebrew word for virtuous is one that points to strength, excellence, that is displayed in every facet of life.

I am so proud to say that I married a strong woman. There’s nothing like a woman who will “hold you down”, support you, encourage you, and love you even when you don’t deserve it. My wife is a pillar to me, one given by God. It takes a strong woman to deal with this sack of proud, stubborn, selfish piece of flesh, and praise God my wife has been up to the task.

If you haven’t got it by now, this post is not directed solely to giving directives on how to find a good woman, but a testament to the fact that one man has been blessed by the one who can point us to that virtuous woman. A woman can only be virtuous when she reflects the virtues of her designer. They are reflections of his glory, and thus woman become the glory of man. The glorious gift of God.

To my wife, Girl you are Glorious. I praise God for you daily, and I am so unworthy of your love, and affection. I write this to brag on you, and hopefully encourage others who in their pursuit of a woman will find a woman who’s given to prayer, to seeking God, to giving of herself to serve her husband and her children, and patient enough to put up with us when we act up. I celebrate you, cherish you and brag on you to the world as I have the pleasure of seeing you mature another year.

To the married and single folk, praise the women in your life. They are truly gifts from God, because as King Lemuel hinted at a good woman is hard to find, they are just gifts from the Divine.

So to answer briefly who can find a good woman? God finds her, check out the story of Isaac and Rebecca. The process begins with prayer, check out the qualities found in scriptures.Note don’t expect perfection when you are not perfect, look for one who strives for God. Where is the place to find someone like that, obviously the house of God. Disclaimer just because a woman is in church does not mean she is striving after God. One of the qualities that I love about my wife is that she is a God chaser, not a church chaser, or a man chaser. For the fellas, do not be afraid to step to the sisters. After all I would still be lonely If I did not have the courage to approach my lovely wife. Lastly when you find a good woman lock her down. Don’t be afraid to commit to marriage. No matter how long you date, marriage will still be mysterious. I’m not saying get married after a week, you do need time to really get to know your spouse.I am simply saying not everyone needs to date for 25 years before they get married.

Here’s to my God who has consistently brought us men wives we did not deserve. To my wife again, I love you, you are my glory.

To the readers pray for us as I pray for you. In the name of Christ. Shalom.



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4 responses to “Who Can Find a Good Woman?

  1. This post was a joy to read. So glad to have found it and your blog. Hope you don’t mind, posting this to my Facebook page!

  2. Am look for a good woman to love in my life?

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