Jesus’ Favorite Holiday Food

Thanksgiving has come and gone, millions of Americans have gained 3-10 extra pounds, lost 200 hours of their life watching football of some kind, only to wait about a month to do it again.

I mean this is why you love the holidays. I remember during my bachelor days after wasting away for the first 11 months of the year eating hot dogs, ramen, and cereal, I could catch up on all my good eating that I had missed out during November and December.

One of the best things about the holidays is all the juicy morsels to eat. When I think about holiday eating, I think of my mom’s sweet potato pies, of cake, of honey glazed ham, macaroni and cheese, stuffing,  collard greens, yams, lamb, and did I say yams, and rolls, and sometimes gumbo. Our home during the holidays would always have guests who wanted a taste of one of my mom’s dishes. I would have to say two thanksgivings ago was the best thanksgiving. The food was off the chain, while one of my favorite Christmas dinners was when my lovely wife hooked it up and when we had tamales, pavo (Turkey), and some traditional holiday food. I think I was looking for a diverse taste so I remember the tamales. They were sooo good.

So I was doing some random reading the other day and I discovered what Jesus’ favorite holiday food is. What is it you ask? Its definitely not ham,or pork chops.

Its………catfish and cornbread; If you remember Jesus did feed over 5000 people. Thousands of men after devouring as much as they had need of and after  licking their fingers of the fishy goodness began to chase Jesus around, asking him to open up his own restaurant. What was even more astonishing is  that there were 12 baskets of tasty fish and cornbread leftover, and you know Jesus’ left overs taste just as good if not better than when they come out of the oven. Where’s that at in the Bible? Haven’t you read the gospel according to Tyrone. C’mon now.

In all seriousness Jesus’ favorite food is not even catfish, so all  “you buy, we fry”  owners can take down the life size cut out of Jesus, he’s not in the business of endorsing anything but his kingdom.

So what is Jesus’ favorite holiday food. Let’s hear it from his own mouth.

My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work. John 4:34

I was reading that and it just slapped me in the face. For those of you who do not know the story Jesus had been traveling a long way and ending up stopping by a well to rest. Hungry and tired his disciples left to get something to eat and come back to find Jesus drinking water that some strange woman had given him. They tell Jesus that they got him something to eat, and Jesus replies by telling them, that’s not the food he’s looking for. This is what I want; to do my father’s will and to finish his work. Jesus what kind of food is that? It’s not fried, baked, maybe a little salty, but come on Jesus.

The reason this verse struck me is because there is a sense of seriousness a sense of determination in that statement. This is what I live on, this is what I do, I will not be hindered; this is not just more important than food, Doing the will of God is my food. Man that is so deep. So here we are some of us in food comatose three days after, but spiritually we are emaciated stack of bones, barely hanging together by the little sinews on our joints; skeletons.

When we take the verse into context, Jesus then begins to tell them his work is about harvesting the lost souls.His mission is to seek and to save the lost; to reconcile men back to God.

So when we reflect on this time during the holidays let us invite others; the lonely, the depressed, the sick to dine with us and celebrate the gifts that God has blessed us with. I love waking up and eating with my wife and son. They are God’s most precious gifts to me, but even still I want us to model God’s heart by seeking to share the love of God with others. Sometimes that means difficult family members, sometimes that means strangers.

What is God’s will for you this holiday season? This week? For the rest of this year, or the beginning of the new one?

This past Thanksgiving my wife encouraged my family to serve at the local mission where they were serving Thanksgiving meals to the local community. It was definitely a blast giving back and seeing the overwhelming donations of food and time by our community. It was definitely encouraging and something we hope to make apart of our tradition. As believers we should be in the forefront of serving and of giving.

Who has he called you to forgive, to assist financially, to adopt, to leave, to let go.

What church has he called you to join, What school has he called you to apply to? What country has he called you to go to? When are you going to start that Bible study?

But more importantly who and what are you reconciling back to God. What are you bringing under the umbrella of his Lordship?

Personally I am in need of getting clarity on a couple of things, and want to be more attentive to his voice. In an attempt to close out this year and in response to this verse I plan on fasting and being obedient to do one of the things God has placed on my heart. Some of you may want to join with me in fasting. I don’t say this to brag, but out of an encouragement and statement to God, that God the food we desire is to do your will and to complete it.

God has good works for us to to, he has fields that need to be harvested and he’s looking for laborers. So whether you fast or not, make this prayer yours “God let your will be the food I dine on today, may I not go hungry by putting my will over yours.”

Keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine. In Christ. The herald.


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