When there’s no where else to run; Run to God.

I love scripture. I love how it heals, how it comforts. This is not to say that I am always excited and thrilled to read it, sometimes I put it off, sometimes I view it as a chore, sometimes I feel guilty when I don’t study like I would like to. There are times however when the weights of the world, the labor of life press me, and push me to look for answers, for encouragement. It is in these times that I turn to scripture, the words of God.  I want to share two quick things. Often times when we are struggling with a particular test we look for a particular word that speaks to that issue.There’s nothing wrong with that unless we fail to seek the face of him who has the answer. In other words instead of simply looking for God to give a quick word, or to do a quick work, and get us out of our fix, he wants us to get to know him. Because that’s what eternal life is, to know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom he as sent.  (John 17:3) So with that said, scripture is important because it tells us about the person of God, not just what he has to say about a particular issue.

One of my go to passages during my difficult times this year has been Psalms 34. There is so much richness in it, but today I just want to share one verse.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
    he delivered me from all my fears.

Have you sought the Lord? David  was in a tough place when he wrote this. He was was on the run for his life. A hit was put out for him, and he having little time to gather his possessions was forced to flee, having nothing with him. Where was the first place he stopped; The house of God. It was there he was provided bread for his journey, immediately after he was forced to live with a potential enemy. He risked his life moving, and in order to not endanger his life he pretended to be crazy.  You can read the rest in 1 Samuel 20-24.

Here are words that David wrote when he was on the run. I sought the Lord. When things are going bad, who is the first person you consult? Who do you turn to for advice? Your mom, husband, friend, teacher. The first person we should seek is the Lord. Seek him in prayer, seek him in his word. Seek his purpose in the situation you are in.

What happened after David sought the Lord?  David says that the Lord answered him. This is a beautiful statement. The Lord is a God who does not just hear, but he answers. David may have been asking God for a way out of the jam, a way of escape. In his own mind he couldn’t see a way out, so he turned to his rock, Lord show me your way.

How did the Lord answer him? Through his word, through the prophets. But the key was in David’s persistence in seeking. God gives us enough for the short term, that we may come back for more light. Just as the sun is given only 12 hours per day,  so we must wait to get new light and learn to rest in the light that he has given us.

What is the Lord saying to you? What problem do you need help in? Is it a job? A relationship problem? Health issues? What do you fear?

We can take comfort that the Lord will deliver us from our fears. What is plaguing you? Take consolation in God’s presence. God is with us. God is in control. There is nothing that escapes from his  mind. He is not surprised by what’s happening, he already knew it was coming. He knows the ending. What God is after is our trust in him. Whatever your facing remember God is bigger than it?

I remember praying to God a couple of times and telling him, God it’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s that I don’t trust myself to make the right decision. So if you struggle with self doubt, don’t worry your in good company Moses did, Gideon did, Paul did. Don’t worry God is with you and if you continue to seek him, he will be with you and has enough grace to cover whatever mistakes you have made in the past, and to carry you through.

I want to close by saying may you be blessed by the comfort of knowing our Great and awesome God. May you find hope knowing that he sees, he hears, and he saves. Get to know God, spend some time with him, stop worrying and start trusting.



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