Obama and the Death of the Christian Nation

Its 2012 and its time to wake up. America is no longer a christian nation. Yes our country was founded on judaeo-christian values, yes there are millions of christians in the United States. Yes the American Church still possesses the greatest natural resources of any nation in the world, but politically and socially the influence of evangelicals on shaping policy and culture has fizzled. Did Obama deal a death blow to our idea of a Christian Nation? N0, that ideal has been dying for some time and our understanding of ourselves as a “Christian Nation” which should govern exclusively for christians needs to change. The sooner we realize this the sooner we can stop lamenting the fact that our government no longer caters or actively courts the evangelical voice. In fact to many it may seem that the government actively denies and acts against the concerns of its “christian constituents.” and you know what it might be a good thing.

So lets unpack a little what it means to be a Christian nation. Our forefathers wrote that we are “one nation under God”, and in one sense that is true, God is sovereign over every nation, yet as a country I don’t know many who are in complete submission to his will. In America much of our political talk still contains allusions to scripture, passing homages to “God” but even still this is decreasing at an alarming rate. There are fights to take God out of everything; out of our money, off of the pledge of allegiance, and even out of the court rooms. This has been going on for the past couple of years. There has been a gradual loss in the use of public places such as schools for worship. Christian organizations have had their personal beliefs infringed on by having to provide “abortive” contraceptions to their workers. Abortion has been legal for almost 40 years, though the number of abortions has been declining yearly irrespective of party. Then to add insult to injury the  6000 year old understanding of marriage has suddenly changed to be not just between one man and one women, but any consenting adults regardless of gender.

Wow! But as bug’s bunny would say ” That’s not all folks” Our great country has been a war monger across the world, though thankfully it has slowly ended two wars. Yet there is talk of initiating what would become the third world war that some feel all too comfortable with because it fits in their eschatological framework. Racism abounds in our 50 states, the last four years have unmasked its hidden nature. Immigrants are spoken of as if they were the scum of the earth, corporations infringe on the rights of the most marginalized people, and the charity that binds us has begun to unravel before our eyes.

Where is the love of our enemies whether idealogical, or political? Where is the honor for our leaders? Where is christian charity on the public platform?

Does God really want Obama to be president is not the question we should be asking? The real question is why do we rely on the secular government to fulfill kingdom purposes?

I have seen two major flaws during this election season by christian by both sides. One is a demonizing of the “other” for political purposes, and the other is an over dependence not he government as if the government is savior.  We rely on government to legislate morality, to force tolerance of others, to rescue the least of these.

You can take this to the bank. God will use our government for better or worse to produce in the American Church that which it needs to become the bride he made her to be. Yes the church has lost much of its political clout, but maybe that will force her to depend on God and not man. Who knows if the country will go through an economic uptick or another downturn? I do know that whatever is ahead God will use adverse situations to cause us to trust more in his power and provision.

In political discussion we hear talk about mandates. What will be the next president’s mandate, what will they run on. What about the church’s mandate. What is the evangelical mandate?

It hasn’t changed since the last words of our commander in chief; To preach the gospel in all the nations and make disciples. There are millions of lost people. Our country is in desperate need to see christian love in action. There are millions who are lonely, depressed, confused, orphaned, divorced, displaced, sick, unemployed.  Obama stole our message when he campaigned on Hope.  We as believers know that hope does not come through the government of this world, but only when we place our trust in the king of Kings. We as believers must demonstrate the hope and love of God that points to something beyond this world. This only lies in the gospel. My prayer for our country after a divisive election is for us to pray for our country. Pray for our president. Pray for godly counsel for our elected officials, but more that God would let his love pour throughout us whether our guy won or loss, and that we would ramp up our efforts to proclaim the greatest King of all Jesus Christ. In Love, The Herald.



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2 responses to “Obama and the Death of the Christian Nation

  1. Nathan

    Great stuff, as always. There are some really profound points in here that I wish more Christian leaders would notice and talk about.

  2. Rajiv Pathik

    Thanks Karim, I needed to remind myself that “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ and His righteousness”.

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