Zimmerman’s in the Church and 10 things we kind of knew but were confirmed by the Zimmerman Trial

Rather than write two entries on the Trayvon Martin case I want to do a combo blog.

First, Have you ever seen a George  Zimmerman at Church?What is a George Zimmerman you may ask? Its the gatekeeper at church who looks sideways, talks about, and gossips at the person who comes to church, but does not look like everyone else. They are the one’s who sit the homeless person in the back of the church or the foyer. They are the ones who gossip about the loose women who came to church with too short a skirt and her breasts popping out, or point fingers at the guy who’s tatooed all over his body and big ear plugs in his ear. They are the self appointed church security who feel that is their duty to protect the church from all the loud music that is playing and from all those people who are dressed like they are going to a party. They are the ones who are so busy snooping and seeking information on somebody that they suspect of being a danger that they forget to love on them. These watchdogs of the church who are bent on protecting their neighborhood forget the greatest commandment to love. To love those who don’t look like us, talk like us, dress like us, or worship like us. Let us all remember this thing when we see someone different walk into our fellowships halls; that Jesus loved them, embraced them, and welcomed them and so should we.

Now lets proceed unto my thoughts about 10 things we kind of knew already but were confirmed by the Zimmerman Trial.

1. We desperately need more positive black male images.

Too often blacks in general especially black males are characterized as angry and violent. Despite having a black president black men consistently are unfairly portrayed as thugs, pimps, gang bangers and thieves. Maybe if the black doctors, lawyers, congressman, business owners were highlighted more frequently people would feel less threatened around them.

2. We learned that the country is still racially divided and ignorance abounds in all colors.

3. We learned that there is a new type of Hispanic: the White Hispanic.

4. The media is great at race baiting.

5. The justice system is tilted against the poor and colored with an emphasis on poor.

6. That racial profiling needs to be addressed and that there are still many who don’t understand the frustration, grief, and distrust that profiling creates in people of color.

7. Like red clothing should be avoided in crip territiory, hoodies should be avoided by young African Americans and Latinos in affluent gated communities.

8. That Zimmerman made a mistake that he will regret for his life, and is in need of prayer just as much as the Martin family.

9. That there is a greater court that we will all stand before, and where the law allowed for Zimmerman to get off free; there is a higher law that all of have broken and condemns us all to death.

10. Whereas Trayvon Martin’s life was cut short in a fight; our Savior while innocent did not fight back.  He was unjustly accused, convicted and executed. Though he was demonized and lied on he submitted to death for the sins of Trayvon, Zimmerman and all who put their trust in him. It is my prayer that Martin knew him as Savior and that Zimmerman all those reading will, because in the court of God it is only those that plead on the blood of the lamb that will be pardoned.

Our country is in need of prayer. Let us mourn with the Martins, Pray for all parties, and let us stand for truth and justice. Though our system may appear to fail us, it is still one of the best in the world. Let us continually seek to reform, but understand that all human institutions are fallible. Let us strive to speak up for the voiceless and seek the peace of our nation. We have come along way from slavery, but there’s still a ways to go, may the church take the lead in speaking up for justice.

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2 responses to “Zimmerman’s in the Church and 10 things we kind of knew but were confirmed by the Zimmerman Trial

  1. Marvin Boyce

    That #8 presumes that Zimmerman had a conscious! Which I seriously doubt.

    • Even if he didn’t/ doesn’t have a conscious the death threats alone, as well as the constant worry and scorn that he faces to where he doesn’t even want to go back to his home have made it to where he regrets his decision.

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