Honoring Fathers: 10 things I love about my dad & Poem

0049“Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise”

I normally don’t place things like this on public forum, but I think a lot of fathers don’t get the honor and respect they deserve. In honor of my father I want to say 10 things I love about my father.

1.I love that my father was there.

I learned later on how lucky I was, especially as an African American to actually have a good father.

2. I love that my dad worked hard for his family.

Like most fathers, my dad worked hard to see that we were provided for, that we lived in a nice neighborhood, and that we were comfortable, but not spoiled.

3. I love that my dad took effort to come to my games.

He couldn’t make them all when I was older, but when I was younger he was always there on weekends.

4. I love that my dad always modeled generosity.

My dad was generous with his children, and with his time and money.

5. I love that my dad never abused his authority with his children.

My dad was not a yeller, he would only raise his voice when we as children would get a little hornery.

6. I love that my dad disciplined me.

Though my mom was usually the chief disciplinarian, my pops knew how to put the belt on us when we were bad. I know some people never got disciplined with belts, but either way the most important thing is that I knew my dad did not enjoy disciplining us. I could always feel he didn’t want to do what he was doing, and felt that he disciplined us out of love. This is so crucial when I see so many kids who are out of control. I got to give an extra shout out to my mom, because she made sure that we never did that.

7. I love that my dad encourages without dictating.

My dad is hardly the authoritarian type, but did sort of gently guide us and encourage us to do more with our lives. He gave us the freedom as we got older to make our own choices, and would advise us if he felt our decisions were detrimental to us. I never felt too much pressure from him to be someone I wasn’t, he allowed me to find my own voice, my own way.

8. I love that my dad stayed with my mom.

I think any grown adult can say that marriage is hard, and like all marriages we saw our parents go through their rocky times. But they stuck it out, they stayed together. I am so proud of my mom and dad for that. It showed us that though life gets hard you got to stick it out. You got to keep on fighting. You have to keep on working.

9. I love that my dad, has grown into a godly man.

My dad wasn’t always a man who prayed or read his Bible. My dad had his vices. But thanks to God, and a women who prays my dad eventually came around. I remember when he started going to church, then he started serving on the parking team, and it just continued from then. We could see he had a genuine love for God’s word, for the church. Though my dad has always been more mellow, you could see the God giving him more patience, and even convicting him when he gets a little too stubborn. I’m so glad I can pray with my dad and talk to my dad about Gods word. More importantly though, I know when I have hardships and need advice my dad will give me godly advice. I also have seen how God grows a man. My pops has gotten wiser over the years, and though my mom would say he is still a little stubborn, we all know that God has done a great work in this man. For my brothers and I he is a role model of a godly man.

10. I love that I never had to worry about being a good father because I had a good one.

Now that I have my son, and know the joys and challenges I can always go back to what my dad did. I never was too scared about having a son and I have to say that’s because I had a good dad. To top it all of my dad is a good grandpa too. He loves his grandson, but also doesn’t spoil him but that’s partly because my mom does.

Its hard being a father, because they don’t get as much shine and are not as celebrated as mothers. So when you can, even if your father wasn’t necessarily the greatest take the time to be thankful for the good things that he did do, or if not your biological father, a man who played that role in your life.

I’m closing out with a poem.

Made in his image

I was made in his likeness

his figure his form

cut from the same cloth

from his DNA formed

I grew up in his shadow

a moon to his sun

i am his reflection

dark and handsome

many never know

their progenitor

never saw his face

or heard a whisper

but i’ve seen your face

I’ve felt your touch

i know your labors

were labors of love

sometimes away

but never to far

you’d return from your orbit

like the earth to its star

we were your joy

as we are to this day

from a son to his pops

Happy Birthday


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February 4, 2014 · 3:22 pm

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