Superbowl: Putting the game in perspective

Its no secret that the Superbowl is an unofficial holiday in America. I’m surprised we don’t get the Monday off from work to recover from the food comatose that ensues each game. Besides Thanksgiving more food is bought for Superbowl Sunday than any day of the year.   Football has replaced baseball as the national past time, so it makes sense that the biggest game of the year is a big deal. Its no coincidence that many of America’s idols converge on Superbowl. The big four are entertainment, consumerism, sex and gluttony.

Many men in the church know more football players than bible characters, more NFL teams than books of the Bible. They spend more money attending games than giving to a church, more time celebrating touchdowns, and crying over defeats than celebrating their salvation and weeping over their sin.

Houston we have a problem.  Now I’m not some purist who doesn’t watch the NFL, though I think the college game is more entertaining. My personal sports addiction has been the NBA. I have been working on monitoring the time I watch and read about it.  I’m not here to say that watching games or even going to parties is wrong. There is a time for everything. A time for the Seahawks to repeat, A time for balls to deflate. A time for Brady to be shady and on and on we go.

I do think we as believers need to do more than have viewing parties at churches. I think we need to really address some of these issues and internalize how we are doing in dealing with our countries idols.  Isn’t it amazing the amount of garbage we will be fed during the Superbowl. There will be a couple of funny commercials, but along with those there will be plenty of sex driven ads for beer, food, or some automobile. I have never been a fan of half time shows, because without fail they will have some wierdly costumed singers, prancing on the stage doing some gyration usually with someone breakdancing in the background while patches of rabid fans are jumping up and down in adulation. There is likely to be some cooky imagery  and stage decorations which will convince you the stage designers are in league with the devil or “illuminati” : ) and for the most part the music will not be my cup of tea.  I mean if we throw a Shad, Andy Mineo and Dream Junkies (Don’t worry if you don’t know who they are) to perform maybe that would be something different.

Its sad to think that for many people without God, this is a highlight of their year, and yet when it ends then what. As believers we believe in something that transcends a game, a show, something that transcends the food, the friends, the ads. We are awaiting a King to return, and that’s when the real celebration will begin. The task then is how to communicate this truth with our friends, neighbors, and family. In truth we have to be as excited about our God then anything else. You know the Oscars are coming up, and I could write the same article and just move around a couple of things, because maybe you are not in to sports, but into film, or fashion, pageantry, and awards. The point is that the best that the world has to offer can not hold a candle to what we will experience when our God comes in his glory. But where does your greatest excitement lie?  I thank God for these events, and I praise God when he allows athletes on big stages to glorify him. I’m looking at you Russell Wilson. The application however lies in how can I communicate with my sphere of influence the goodness and greatness of God in my life, whether I’m “winning, or losing” , because with God we are always winners. That’s why Paul says, “We are more than conquerers through him that loved us.” So when the commercials stop, the madness ends, the last chip is dipped, let us be thankful, but prayerful that the world may see and worship the God to whom all glory is due.


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