Valentine’s Day Tribute To My Wife


You deserve a castle

fit with golden spears

You deserve a parade

The kids and I would stand and cheer

We’d wait and scream and wave

And then you would  appear

ridin on puffy clouds

pure beauty in the mirror

how can such beauty be

Did God outdo himself?

Did he stay up all night

and rack every book on his shelf?

Did he review the sun’s golden rays

did he copy niagara’s mist?

and translate that into bronzen clay

and grant earth this  precious gift

you are a wonder of the world

but I kept you for my own

a combination of power, love

intellect hewn from skin to bone

You deserve the world

and diamond crested rings

you desire words and precious time

over abundance of things

So what I have I give to you

I offer these words

to cherish and to lavish you

at dawn and dusk to serve

You deserve my love,

my eyes my mouth and my heart

my attention from the rising moon

and where the suns ascension starts

you deserve a song of praise

sung by heaven’s best

  Accept these true and humble words

from your husbands chest.

You’ve made me rich

the envy of men

is daily on display

You deserve this and  so much more

Happy Valentines Day

Written by your Husband Vday 2016


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