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Herald in the wilderness is a blog dedicated to exhorting and encouraging the body of Christ.The author has been ministering in various capacities for over 10 years. Having studied at Fuller Theological Seminary; the Herald  has a passion for missions, but more importantly preparing God’s people for Christ’s return. Minister Boyce is happy to have the opportunity to encourage and support the faith of many who are under constant attack by the god of this world. The author is happily married, and currently resides in  Southern California.

If you have further questions or would like to book for speaking engagements you can contact the Herald at


2 responses to “Background and Contact Information

  1. Alvin

    Hi there,
    Great site! Just one thing: You quoted 2 Cor. 4:4 above in reference to Satanic attacks. Can we be sure that the god of this world is indeed Satan? This may just be a question of semantics or it may be something more profound. Is not the God and Father or Our Lord Jesus Christ the God of all men? Rom 3:29. It is true that not all men know the one and only true God, or believe on the Son, but he is still God over them all in the sense that he will judge everyone by the Truth, and that as the Sovereign Potter, he has power over the clay Rom. 9:21. The scripture says in Psa 24:1 that the earth, everything and everyone in it belongs to God, so how can satan be the god of this world. Consider Prov. 20:12 and Isa. 6:10. Not only did God miraculously heal blind and deaf men but God made spiritually blind and deaf men to see and hear and be converted to the glorious gospel of Christ . God made the seeing eye and hearing ear to obey the Gospel and He gave the gift of faith to sinners. Would like to hear your scriptural understanding on all of this, as I have not heard much in modern teaching on this?

    • I am glad you were blessed by the site. I will make a quick attempt to answer your question.Of course God is sovereign, but when scripture speaks of the god (lower case) of this world it is referencing the kingdom of darkness that is under the rule of Satan. It is a given that Christ is Lord of all, but at the same time Christ’s kingdom is in direct conflict with the kingdom of this world, so when the scriptures inform us of the kingdom it is to depict the battle that we must fight and overcome with the god, and gods of this world. Look at the context of 2 Corinthians 4:4 and you will see it is written in light of Satan’s opposition to the gospel. Hope this helps, some of my older posts go into a little more detail when it comes to spiritual warfare, but again thank you for reading, and I am glad you were able to be encouraged by this site.

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